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Get to Know founder of TRIBAL LAND the first interview of 2016 and we are seriously starting off with someone who loves art, his culture, and his 장교.

Ellery Charley is currently working on a Business Law degree and holds a Fashion Designer title at TRIBAL LAND. Charley launched his first collection in the fall of 2012. His current-collection is a contemporary men’s and women’s line that ranges of finely tailored clothing built around the concept of dressing for occasion. He broke into the fashion scene after Junior College gleaning much experience in the world of Fashion working and styling for companies like Bloomingdales, Sandro, Alternative and SKECHERS USA. His work represents an homage to his Navajo and Hualapai background and is a marriage of both contemporary art and culture that always explores new concepts and ideas.

TRIBAL LAND [‘Our Land]\ of Native American Land, It’s connecting the traditional teachings, life, love, and embodies Hózhó. Meaning that beauty exists within us and around us. The idea of striving for positive lifestyle through balance and harmony. So prepare yourselves to explore fashion through Native eyes and journey along as he continues to build his brand.

Why your New Blog? : Its a platform to start marketing not only myself but marketing my clothing line as well as showcasing my love for fashion, lifestyle, and inspirations. An authentic Native Brand thats ready to take on the fashion world.

Tell us a bit about your roll at TRIBAL LAND: As the founder, I tend to wear a variety of war bonnets. I oversee all aspects of the brand from sketching to construction, marketing to investment meetings. I also get the pleasure of styling for editorial shoots and picking the models is so fun….Gosh there are so many gorgeous people out there. Most importantly I try to build a relationship with my clients and fans. It’s a lot of work but something that I really enjoy and its a great way to be creative and express myself.

Your hometown: Red Mesa, AZ currently go between Los Angeles and New York City!

What is your background that brought you to where you are today?: The passion for fashion. It’s helped me become successful as a stylist and is currently starting to open doors: becoming a fashion designer, networking with those who provide inspiration and mentorships, finally stimulating me to learn and improve.

How did styling influence your brand?: When I dress people my goal is to make them as beautiful and as confident as I can. It’s allowed me to build relationships and understand all sort of body types, theres beauty in everyone and my job is to bring that to surface. My brand is a mix of high and low but will bring that confidence and beauty I see when I style. I just want everyone to shine while wearing my clothes!

What is your favourite part of the job?: Styling or designing? Traveling and interacting with people….Styling takes me on unexpected trips and hearing peoples stories and dreams along the way is always fun. These experiences, stories, and relationships allow me to come back to my studio feeling super inspired to design.

Give me 5 staple items every guy should have in his wardrobe:

1. White T-Shirt(s) with a good fit
2. Trunks are very comfortable and supportive, besides they look so good on men with abs!
3. Dark Denim, Joe’s Jeans fit my 6’3″ frame very well.
4. A Properly Fitted Sweater. Kenzo and Sandro fit-well.
5. A Great Jacket its super versatile

I Love one stop shopping and all these great items are available at Bloomingdales

What are some of your favourite Spring 2016 projected trends that you will be bringing into your wardrobe?: I’m very excited for floral and lace trends it’ll be a nice mixture of masculine and femininity for men. I’ve been seeing a lot of lace-athletic jerseys and that be amazing on women with the same mixture. I’m also excited for the return of the 70’s band-aids LOVE love LOVE LoVe besides every girl wants to be that cool, popular, and fashion forward chick. I’m So EXCITED.

Where do you find your inspirations?: Since I’m lucky enough to travel often, I find I am mostly inspired by other people’s style, especially K-Pop idols like T.O.P, TaeYang, G-Dragon, EXO, and Sistar! People can be so creative and playful with how they put pieces together. My Indigenous background & traditions also feed my creativity and inspire me.

What’s on your lust list?: Koreans! A Wooyoungmi Trench Coat I found on Mr.Porter it’s so chic and versatile….Everyman needs a nice coat in their wardrobe and it’s also a great investment.

I think there are quirky details that might give us a little something about a person. So, do tell….What’s your favourite flavor of ice cream?: I Love Fro-YO but I’m not really a fan of ice cream. I’m more of a cookie and chocolate type of guy.

What that might say about you…

Cookies: Versatile, works well with others, modern yet traditional! and goes well with a nice squeeze of warm Frosting!

Chocolate: Sweet, smooth, and not afraid to for quality goods.

Frozen Yogurt: You likely have a sweet-tooth

Thanks very much Ellery for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with us! We look forward to the expansion of your brand and new blog. Stay tuned people for the upcoming adventures TRIBAL LAND has to come.

instagram: @maurerellery

Interview courtesy of PAPERJACK

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