Need Inspiration? 10 Navajo Proverbs

Navajos  are taught to live in balance and harmony. Elder’s speak the words taught by the ancestors and philosophers. I’ve come to realize that these WORDS can be applied to anyone who needs a bit of inspiration. Check out these ten Navajo Proverbs. After you read all of them tell me which one you love or can apply to your life!

Photo: Ellery Charley
  1. “A Man Can’t Get Rich if He Takes Proper Care of His Family.”
  2. “Thoughts are Like Arrows: Once Released, They Strike Their Mark. Guard Them Well or One Day You May Be Your Own Victim.”
  3. “Be Still and The Earth Will Speak To You.”
  4. “Those Who Tell the Stories, Rule the People.”
  5. “We Do Not Inherit the Land From Our Ancestors, We Borrow it From Our Children.”
  6. “If You Want to See What Your Body Will Look Like Tomorrow, Look at Your Thoughts Today.”
  7. “I Grew Up Knowing it’s Wrong to Have More Than You Need. It Means You’re Not Taking Care of Your People.” 
  8. “Always Assume Your Guest is Tired, Cold and Hungry, and Act Accordingly.”
  9. “There is Nothing as Eloquent as a Rattlesnake’s Tail.”
  10. “I Have Been to The End of The Earth, I Have Been to the End of the Waters, I Have Been to the End of The Sky, I Have Been to the End of the Mountains, I Have Found None that are not My Friends.” 

“The pearls of wisdom shared in the proverbs reflect the wisdom that the elders of the Navajo Nation have passed down to their people through the generations.”


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