Buying Items That Last



For me Dressing and style itself plays a huge role in the fashion industry but more importantly allows to express my character, but presentation makes the outfits i choose completely stand-out on a different level. For the Navajo people we generally wear simply clothing. Deer and cougar hides, Lamb leather, wool, and yucca fibers generally the materials of choice. Its a way of life and definitely impacts the way I choose to stock my closet. I am beyond thrilled for the opportunity given to be able to have a feature on Daily Pine! 

Ahéhee’ (Thank You, Navajo)

Hankyu (Thank You, Hualapai), Harmon Keith

How would you describe your style?

Simple. I LOVE mixing high and low it just brings out that edginess we all have. I usually layer solids with some sort of print, it makes the outfit sparkle! Character and creativity shouldn’t be limited so try mixing solids with fun prints.

Who are your go-to brands or favorite designers?

Depends on the time of the year, but Wooyoungmi- Seoul, South Korea is one exceptional case, they evolve aesthetics creating expressions that spark my interest. Everything they do it just BEAUTIFUL. I Wish I could afford to add more to my closet. 

Who are your style icons?

I really don’t have a style icon but I always move toward the sleek, handsome, classic wayward lifestyle of T.O.P. – The HOTTEST Korean Rapper whom inspires my life with classic glamasculine outfits.

I do admire him. 

What are the favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

People who know me will tell you my staple is long-sleeved tops (sweaters and cardigans), even if it’s 110 degrees out, because I prefer the protection from the sun and germs. Some people in the States have no manners and cough and sneeze around you, it’s disgusting. I also love my Rag & Bone Jeans, they are extremely comfortable, fit my giraffe legs, and can go from casual to formal occasions. Definitely saves me time having to change. I only have one pair. 

I also like my silver Navajo Bracelet I got from my great grandmother because it makes me feel majestic and reminds me to be proud of my Native American background. 


Your weakness when it comes to shopping?

Since I’m lucky to travel enough I love updating my weekender bags. I Love the 31 Hour Bag by  3.1 Phillip Lim, I’ve yet to invest in this piece but i really want it. 

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

This season my KENZO Sweater with their iconic eye details, which I got from Luxembourg when I was on holiday there this year, for $390. I lost my Military green eye sweater at the airport. 

Whats your most recent fashion purchase?

New jeans from Nordstrom, Joe’s Jeans fit me very well and my previous pair split in the crotch area, ugh I always split my pants. 

Any style or shopping advice for your followers? 

Buy what will last and invest in quality clothing they will last for time if treated with respect. 


Photo on 1-2-16 at 12.20 AM


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