Natural Pallet x Native Inspiration

I’m  currently back on the Navajo Reservation for two weeks before I venture off to New York City. Let me tell you the beauty NAVAJO LAND has to offer, I forget how stunning and peaceful it is. I need to come HOME more often 💕🌍20160305_115004

Just what I needed a little R&R, much needed me time. What’s something you love doing to rejuvenate yourself???

remember to live active and live positive. 🌈💞

I got in some hiking between a couple of fashion shows and two dinner parties on the Navajo Nation. The landscape is truly inspirational, breathtaking and the neutral color pallets is something  I’m drawn to and has inspired me to use in my next collection.



I was truly honored and accepted an invite to attend A Night With The Stars, Window Rock, AZ. A Night of Pride, support, and LOVE for up and coming Navajo Designers. Yes, this was my first Native American Fashion Show and I’m so honored to have attended. 

Screenshot_2016-03-06-21-08-29-1In attendence was #GraceDove who just released The Revenant who wore Bethany Yellowtail and awful moccasins. Martin Sensmeier who was yummy to look at and those muscles were 💪👅👄👌💕. Perhaps he couldve dressed for the occasion, but was still fun to glance at.



Shayne Watson Designs stole the show and they truly saved the best for last. His take on traditonal Navajo attire twists a bit of old Hollywood Glamour. Some of the models were BUTT ugly but his clothes made up for that.



There Italian Velveteen, turquoise, and silks were by far my favorite pieces. Overall the fashion shows were a highlight of the night and hope to see Native Artist rise to the level we deserve to be at, keep up the beautiful work Shayne (I hope to meet him one day).

Until Next Time have a WONDERFUL  NIGHT 💕❤💞🌍


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